Editor’s Essay: Women In the Music Industry

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By Gabby  It has recently come to my attention that there’s an excruciating gender gap in the music industry, one so excruciating that continues to seek deeper and deeper into denial. Before I jump the gun and call for action, let it be noted that I’m a cisgender female with a white feminist mindset. I’m […]

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Ten Fé Hits the Right Notes in ‘Elodie’


London’s indie pop and alt-rock duo, Ten Fé, are hitting a few of the right notes (and not to mention, a few of the major indie festivals this year), in their new track, “Elodie.” With their swaying and weightless sound waves, ’80s-inspired beats, and minimalist effects, the duo (Ben and Leo) are setting fire in […]

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Taking the Measures of Art Inequality


By Gabby I told my English professor that I learned Art History in high school and he asked me what I knew about Louise Bourgeois. I had never heard of her, in fact, I almost exclusively learned about Euro-American and French men in art, literature, and music; the Western Canon is entirely based on the […]

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Blue Helix: The Pounding Indie Rock Band


The four-piece indie rock band based out of Washington State, Blue Helix, is an unique and honest mix of hard rock, acoustic melodies, and lyrical quality. The avant-garde band produces a hooking set of guitars, violins, piano and modern electric guitar sounds. Their pounding drums and heart-pumping chords are balanced and truthful, leaving any rock junkie […]

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Des Barkus: The World Traveler and Experiential Artist


The United Kingdom-based and Texas-influenced musician and poet at Finyl Vinyl Records spoke with Coastal Beats Media on his worldwide travels, cultural surroundings, and experiential memoirs. From spending time in Texas and being heavily influenced by his grandfather to dedicating his music to the First World War, Barkus is an illustrious traveler and creator.  “My grandfather […]

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Faun and a Pan Flute: The Nine Instrumentalists


The nine-piece experimental band, Faun and a Pan Flute, are pursuing a deranged mix of avant-garde, jazz, and classical sounds in their new 2016 music. The band is a melding of sentimental soundscapes and melodic beauty, making their music strong and utterly compelling. They’re a powerful underground experimental rock circuit in Atlanta, Georgia. The dynamic […]

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Carys Calling: Spotlight On Emerging Pop Artist


At the age of nine-years-old, Carys John, or known by her stage name Carys Calling, began her astounding career in music singing and songwriting. What led to playful lyrics and countless poems came the idea to save people through words and produce honest stories.  For Carys, the imagery in music captured her like nothing else. […]

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New Indie Band, Brother., Releases Folk Single


The emerging indie folk-rock trio with catchy soundscapes and heartwarming melodies, Brother., released their first single, “Curves,” based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The band also released a beautiful acoustic version of the song in their music video, which showcases the band’s strong dynamics and creative backgrounds. “I was a Mormon missionary living in […]

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Parallel Music: Dan Carey Bailey’s Complex Composition


“Recording myself is usually a strictly explorative process … so there is little expectation involved. And that’s where Parallel Music breaks the pattern. I very intentionally set out to write, record and eventually perform this piece of music. It is my first venture into the world of orchestral or contemporary classical music,” said Atlanta, Georgia’s […]

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Brett: Washington DC’s Dream Rock Band


The four-piece dream rock and astro-funk band from Washington, D.C., Brett, released a new track, “Claire Drained,” off their upcoming LP titled Mode, scheduled to drop March 18. Their music is a psychedelic sunset of superb songwriting, echoing beats, and 3D jams coming to life. The band uses abstract soundscapes and intricate patterns of instrumentation to create […]

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